Since 27th December 2013, Dailycer UK has shared a common owner with Dailycer France allowing both businesses to successfully collaborate and grow within the UK market.

On 8th June 2016, a firm offer was received for the Dailycer France group of companies from Cereal Group B.V, a Dutch company owned by the shareholders of the companies Mulder Natural Foods, Maselis N.V. and Kentaur A.G who all specialise in the agri-food sector (breakfast cereals, transformation of cereals into ingredients for the food industry… ).

This transaction was concluded on 7th July 2016 with the result that Dailycer UK is now the only UK based corporate entity within the previous group of companies.

It has been agreed by the parties to the transaction that Dailycer UK would create a new corporate identity and trade name to avoid any confusion between the two companies who are independent from each other.

The Dailycer UK team will drive the energy of the business from our UK facility but in tandem with this look forward to continuing the double digit growth achieved over recent years from our imported supply chain.